How to save on bills if you are a student

Get on U-Switch

This is an awesome website that displays what you can save with different providers and tariffs compared to your current provider all in one place.

Hop on this as soon as you are looking to set up an account and save loads of money!

Compare the Market

With energy prices on the up, it makes sense to join the Meerkats and shop around to find the best deal in town.

Switch for cash

There are some great offers available if you’re looking to switch suppliers. If you use energy helpline or money supermarket you’ll get cash-back, while Switch will reward you with a crate of wine – you can’t argue with that…

Duel vs Separate

Getting both gas and electricity from the same supplier sounds like it would be the cheapest option, but this isn’t always the case. Look into getting them from different companies – you could save yourself even more.

If you take regular meter readings you can findout whether you’re over or underpaying. Although underpaying sounds great, it could leave you with a hefty bill at the end of the year. Be honest!

Go online

If you switch to your company’s online tariff you can save yet another 10% and the only difference is that your bills will be sent to you via email instead of in the post.