6 beds student accommodation in Manchester · Available from 16th September 2024

Finchley Road, M14 6FH

Welcome to the newly transformed 18 Finchley Road, a modern Scandinavian-inspired residence where comfort meets sleek design. This property has undergone a significant upgrade, transitioning from a 5-bedroom to a spacious and stylish 6-bedroom home. Anticipated for completion by the 16th of September, this Scandinavian haven boasts a range of features to enhance your living experience.

Key Features:

Loft Conversion: Experience an expanded living space with a meticulously executed loft conversion, adding an extra bedroom to accommodate the growing needs of its residents.

Internal Re-configuration: The interior has been thoughtfully re-configured to optimize flow and functionality, creating a more modern and efficient layout that aligns with Scandinavian design principles.

New Bathrooms x 2: Indulge in the luxury of two brand new Scandinavian-inspired bathrooms. The clean lines, minimalist design, and quality fixtures create a spa-like atmosphere for your comfort.

New Kitchen: Step into a contemporary culinary haven with a brand new Scandinavian-style kitchen. The design features sleek lines, neutral tones, and modern appliances, providing a perfect blend of form and function.

Sofas: The living spaces are adorned with Scandinavian-chic sofas, offering both comfort and a touch of minimalist elegance to enhance your relaxation and socializing experience.

TV: Enjoy entertainment at its best with a carefully placed TV setup. The design ensures that the TV seamlessly integrates into the overall Scandinavian aesthetic, providing a focal point for the living area.

Repaint Throughout: The entire property has been repainted with a Scandinavian color palette, creating a fresh and cohesive ambiance that embraces the light and airy feel characteristic of Scandinavian design.

New Flooring Throughout: Experience the warmth of new Scandinavian-styled flooring throughout the house. The selected materials not only contribute to the aesthetic but also ensure durability and easy maintenance.

Bedroom Furniture: Each of the six bedrooms has been furnished with brand new, Scandinavian-inspired furniture. The design focuses on simplicity, functionality, and a calming color palette, creating inviting and comfortable retreats.

Welcome to the Scandinavian-inspired sanctuary at 18 Finchley Road, where modern design and functionality converge. This property is not just a house; it's a modern and stylish home tailored to provide a unique living experience. Get ready to move in and make this your home by the 16th of September.

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