Student House Maintenance

Report It!

Throughout your tenancy, you may have to report maintenance to us.

Head to our website and click ‘Report a Repair’.

This will take you through a step by step system designed to get as much information about the problem as possible.

Include as much detail as possible, you can also add photos.

This function is also available on your smartphone, so you don’t need a computer to report repairs.

Legally, we cannot take maintenance over the phone. All maintenance requests must be sent through our website.

Include as much detail as possible, the more information we have the better we can fix the problem.


There are different types of maintenance requests and we have categorised them into ‘Priorities’

EMERGENCY – Firstly call emergency service where necessary or contact our out of hours phone service who can help further

  • significant water leaks from ceiling/roof
  • flooding / gas leaks / fire
  • burglary

PRIORITY 1 – Resolve these by logging a maintenance request through our website.

Priority 1:

  • the only toilet in the house not working/broken
  • structural damage e.g full holes in ceilings, windows, walls

PRIORITY 2 – Resolve these by logging a maintenance request through our website.

Priority 2 are:

  • white goods appliance repairs
  • blocked toilet (without the use of another one)
  • loss of hot water
  • loss of heating
  • blocked drains
  • pest issues
  • shower/bath leaks (stop using them until we visit)
  • electricity failure

PRIORITY 3 – Resolve these by logging a maintenance request through our website.

Priority 3 are:

  • cosmetic issues
  • painting
  • curtains / blinds
  • furniture broken
  • laundry machines faulty
  • garden maintenance – condensation (see our guide to damp and condensation)

Is it an Emergency?

Please consider carefully what an emergency is and isn’t, there are costly charges for call-outs which aren’t considered as emergencies.

It is inevitable that something will go wrong with the house throughout the year, but we ask you to give some thought as to whether or not it is a genuine emergency or whether it is just a big inconvenience where you could wait until the next working day.

Please act in a ‘tenant like manner’. If your power goes off for example, check the fuse board and check the street to see if it isn’t just your house affected.

If your toilet or drains get blocked, attempt to unblock it yourself. There are many cheap, common household products available which can help. Much cheaper than a potential call out charge. You can Google tips and tricks to unblock or see our drains section.