Jul 5, 2021

A Director’s Story!

James Biddle

5 min read


James is our longest reigning member of staff, we thought it would be great to tell his story with a timeline of his roles!


James joined the company in July 2013, starting as a placement student whilst attending Loughborough University. His first year with Loc8me was spent on basic accounting tasks, rent chasing and a bit of lettings here and there.


During his final year he was employed on a part time basis around his course and was then offered a permanent position as Accounts Manager following his graduation. For any student knowing you’ve secured a full time job after your university days is a huge weight off your shoulders. Having already employed two previous placement students at loc8me, James was thrilled to be part of such an up and coming agent.


In 2015 James took on the integration of opening our Hull and Lincoln offices and setting up the teams in these offices before returning to Loughborough to continue with the Accounts Manager role.


The following year James began to develop the refurbishment side of Loc8me, the main focus was to upgrade and develop properties on the portfolio in order to achieve the highest rents possible for our landlords at the time. In 2017 we decided to grow our Loughborough teams and introduce the property manager roles which at the time was James’ main focus.


After working along side the property managers for a few years and still managing the companies finances, he then took a couple of years away from the day to day running of Loc8me to work with the founder Raffaele Russo. This was to develop a landlord knowledge side of the business and to give him the opportunity to start his own BTL portfolio. James now successfully owns 3 student properties managed and let by Loc8me.


In July 2020 he was appointed as a Director, leading operations across the company in multiple cities. Between now and then he has spent a lot of time working with a large fund growing the portfolio across the UK.


We look forward to seeing was the next few years brings for the company!