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Student Accommodation in Manchester

loc8me is a student lettings agency based in Manchester, Bristol, Durham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Loughborough, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool and Birmingham

We offer a large range of high quality student accommodation for both University and College students. All of our student accommodation is comprised of carefully chosen properties provided by private landlords.

We work in partnership with private Landlords to produce up-market and well-managed accommodation. Our aim is to offer students effortless living and a friendly face in the office to help and support them throughout their tenancies with loc8me.

Being located in an ever-growing city, we are always excited about expanding our portfolio, and building and maintaining our Landlord and Tenant relationships.


Manchester is a city full of opportunity, being one of the biggest working growing cities in the UK there is a lot to offer.

With two universities combined The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University the city accommodates for over 70,000 students every year.

Dating back to the 19th Century Manchester was driven by the success of the Industrial Revolution, it is now a city with lots of passion relating to the music scene, artistic creativity and international sporting events.

The city has an international sporting pedigree and one of the richest and most influential arts and music scenes. There are world-class events, venues and attractions to suit every lifestyle, with a lively, culturally diverse city centre that’s easy to enjoy on a student budget.