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Nov 1, 2023

What to consider when choosing your next student home!

James Biddle

5 min read

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As you embark on the exciting journey of finding your next student home, several crucial factors warrant thoughtful consideration. Your choice will not only influence your living experience but also shape your ability to thrive academically and socially during your time at university. Here are four things to consider whilst searching for your next home: Budget. Potentially the most important aspect when choosing your next student home! Choosing an accommodation that fits your budget helps prevent financial stress. Living within your means allows you to focus on your studies and extracurricular activities without constantly worrying about making ends meet.

Location. Living close to your university can significantly reduce commute times, making it more convenient for attending lectures, studying on campus, and participating in extracurricular activities. You should also consider what amenities are close by. Finding a property that is close to shops, restaurants and bars will make living your student life that little bit easier.

Who you live with. Choosing roommates who share similar study habits and academic goals can create a supportive study environment. This can positively impact your focus and academic performance. Also, consider shared interests. Living with roommates who share common interests, hobbies, or social activities can enhance your overall university experience. It provides opportunities for friendship and shared experiences.

What’s important to you? Considering factors such as bathrooms, room space, and whether bills are included when choosing your next student home is important for various reasons. You will be spending a lot of time in your home, so make sure it fits your lifestyle and preferences.