Oct 20, 2021


James Biddle

5 min read


In the last three months, we have worked closely with a company called Kiko on building the most user-friendly lettings software system there has ever been! We were introduced to kiko earlier in the year and were already blown away with their ideas and how far they had come.


They were not yet set up to work alongside the student side of property letting but, had already expressed they were fully onboard with us helping them to build the best software that worked for our agency and hopefully other student letting companies around the UK.


We instantly felt like kiko had very similar values to loc8me, whereby customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Our mission is to provide a seamless and effortless experience for all customers using our services. Kiko have allowed us a great opportunity in working with them to be able to deliver this nationwide to all our different offices.


We decided to break down the integration of kiko into 3 different phases. We are currently ready to implement phase 1 into the company which we are all very excited about. This will introduce property advertising, a new way of booking viewings from the tenant’s side, as well as making offers and drawing up of tenancy contracts.


Val and his team have been great to work with so far, we cannot wait for you all to see the finished product in the coming year and look forward to showcasing our new platform to all new and exciting clients.