6 beds student accommodation in Manchester · Available from 1st September 2024

Heaton Road, M20 4PX

Welcome to 17 Heaton Road, Flat 2, a modern haven that effortlessly combines style and comfort. This property is undergoing a transformation to enhance its modern appeal, creating a sleek and inviting space for residents. Anticipated for completion by September 2024, explore the key features of this contemporary flat:

Key Features:

Kitchen Refurbishment - Replacement Fronts: Step into a modern culinary space with a kitchen refurbishment that includes the replacement of fronts. The design focuses on clean lines, contemporary finishes, and efficient functionality.

Full Redecoration: The entire flat is undergoing a full redecoration with a modern theme. Neutral tones and modern design elements contribute to a cohesive and stylish atmosphere throughout the space.

New Flooring Throughout: Experience the sophistication of new modern-styled flooring that not only adds visual appeal but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance.

New Sofas: The living spaces are adorned with modern-chic sofas that seamlessly blend comfort and style. These pieces are designed for relaxation and socializing, contributing to the contemporary ambiance of the flat.

TV: Enjoy entertainment at its best with a carefully placed modern TV setup. The design ensures that the TV seamlessly integrates into the overall aesthetic, providing a focal point for the living area.

New Bedroom Furniture: The bedroom is furnished with brand new, modern-styled furniture. The design prioritizes functionality, comfort, and a sleek aesthetic, creating a cozy retreat for residents.

Blinds: Modern-themed blinds complement the windows, allowing natural light to fill the space while maintaining a sense of privacy. The clean lines and contemporary design add to the overall modern style of the flat.

Anticipate the modern lifestyle at 17 Heaton Road, Flat 2, where every detail has been carefully considered to create a contemporary and comfortable living space. This flat is not just a residence; it's a modern sanctuary tailored for the discerning resident. Get ready to move in and make this your home by September 2024.

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