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Our vision is to redefine and pioneer the best co-living experiences.

We’ve come a long way since director Raffaele Russo started letting and managing properties from his Loughborough University bedroom! Always a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, Raffaele opened our first office in 2008 with great ambitions for the business. Since then, we’ve grown significantly, we now have over 4000 tenants living with us and manage over 20000 properties across multiple territories: Loughborough, Lincoln, Hull, London, Nottingham, Leicester, Cardiff and Birmingham. 

We remain a step ahead of our competitors in our belief in constantly improving and pushing the standard of student accommodation. Historically a neglected industry, we are always looking at ways to innovate and make sure our properties are the best of the bunch. Our properties are not the only thing we are proud of, as we place great emphasis in our customer service and making sure our tenants feel truly at home. For a lot of students, moving into a student home is a huge step in their independence and we want to make sure we offer the best environment for them to grow. 

We are powered by a team of passionate, highly enthusiastic individuals, both young and many more experienced! This blend of personalities and capabilities, combined with a unified passion for delivering great customer experiences has driven us to new heights. Over the next 10 years, our ambition is to establish loc8me as a major management agency in every university city in the country.

Raffaele Russo

Founder & Director

Helen Russo

Accounts & HR Manager

Paige Allen

Accounts Associate

Jenny Jeffery

Accounts Associate

Julia Downey

Credit Controller

Sam Moore

Hull Joint Venture Owner

Mike Birkinshaw

Lincoln Branch Manager

Fern Tebbutt

Nottingham & Leicester Area Manager


We take great pride in the services we offer, to both students and landlords, as well as our expertise in each of our serviced areas. Crucially, we vow never to stagnate and always look for feedback and ways to improve. Additionally, our fresh approach to marketing and advertising ensures we remain relevant and ahead of the trend.


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